O Judaismo Humanista é a pratica da liberdade e dignidade humana

Nas discussões sobre a questão palestina é muito frequente termos pessoas com um discurso muito amargo, que traz uma coleção de injustiças e vitimizações. No YaLa também acontece isso.

Outras pessoas tentam convencê-las, em geral sem sucesso, de que as perspectivas são positivas, de que dá para fazer alguma coisa etc. Elas continuam com o comportamento negacionista. Estabelece-se um jogo entre elas e o pessoal que quer tocar para a frente.

Peguei o seguinte comentário para exemplificar. Vamos discutir?

Judith Hammervold No, Ahmed, that's your task. I suppose you have discussed through what your aim was before starting this group. I perceive promoting peace, love and understanding as rather lofty ideas, with little or no substance. These big words have more or less lost their meaning and sound like empty rhetoric (misused by every politician and leader) unless they are backed by some concrete action.

Judith Hammervold It would be of great help if Yalah would inform the US administration that when they repeatedly calls for the Palestinians to stop incitement against the Jews, they should also ask the same from the Israelis. But this is NEVER mentioned.

Aí fiz um comentário assim:

Judith, I agree with every one of your points. And I think Yala voices (yours included) SHOULD mention what you say is NEVER mentioned. I see your presence as key to have more people who´s been hurt, talking here their pains and having other people from all the world listening. I guess you have a few tools for that: if you go deep in what people shared until now, you´ll find people with whom you can talk and network, and stimulate them to bring more of their friends. Of course, nobody can undo the evil that was done, both in Israeli and Palestinian sides. However, as a person who lives in Gaza can be in touch with another from Jenin, the degree of sharing and good feelings can be enhanced, and some healing can take place. So I guess you can do this kind of work. While some of us say those things that you consider empty rethoric - but are not - you can do concrete actions that you are calling for.

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